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talk in the debt ceiling debate went late into the night on capitol hill. we're taking a live look at the capitol dome this morning but still no vote. a look at what is ahead for what will likely be a very long weekend. >> a very busy day ahead at redskins park where training camp is under way. first practice starts in just about two and a half hours. we'll be there live with a look at how the roster is shaping up. fox 5 morning news continues right now at 6:00. good morning. 6:00 right now on friday, july
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29th, taking a live look outside. a little hazy, hot and humid again today. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> we have expected high temperatures about 100 degrees later today. mix in the humidity and we have 105, 110 later this afternoon. >> going to be dangerous. take precautions. >> you got it. let's get to the satellite- radar and what can we show you. a few clouds moving through. you saw the haze. got a little fog reported north and west of the city in spots where the temperature has been able to fall a little bit. but generally speaking, quiet conditions here to start your morning and i think it will be a most hi sunny day. going to be that kind of hazy heat where the sky is not very clear during the course of the day but nevertheless, thing should generally be dry around here. here is the heat advisory, goes into effect at 11:00 this morning through #:00 tonight. that is most of the area here with the exception off to the north and west. if you are into north and west
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virginia, you might not be under the heat advisory. the worst of the heat will start at 11:00 this morning. currently, 80 degrees. 72348 baltimore. 78 in ocean city. winchester is currently 70 degrees. here is your forecast for today. just expect the hazy, hot and humid conditions. could be an isolated thunderstorm late. most of the area dry. your actual air temperature approaching 100 degrees by 5:00 this afternoon. >> walk the dog, water the plants. get it done now. >> a lot of folk trying to get an early start to the day. >> you're going to walk the dog and you're not going to walk the dog the rest of the day. >> well, later in the day at some point maybe when it is cooler. >> that's right. i know. i walk beagle bailey around 7:00 at night. >> good idea. >> the good ideas are gone for the folk in virginia this morning. a number of accidents have
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popped up. the outer loop near route 7 before you reach 66, accident activity reported along the right side of the road. big crash this morning occurred on the southbound side of 95 here at route one. traffic being pushed over to the left to get by. we now have two lane getting by to the left on the southbound side of # 5 before you reach route one in wood brim -- side of 95 before you reach route one in woodbridge. unexpected delays on the southbound side. northbound, your lanes are open. the accident northbound in the express lanes at newington has cleared. 395 northbound across the 14th street bridge, we had accident activity tying up the right side of the road. that has cleared. in the debate on capitol hill over raising the debt ceiling, republicans first announceed a vote on speaker boehner's plan around 6:00 last night and then postponed that vote as republican leaders
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scrambled to line up enough members. the president says even if it passes, he will veto it. ppens, next tuesday will not only affect the federal government but also local businesses and local governments. for more on that, we turn to fox 5's sherry ly live on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. with the clock ticking down, wall street ceos already warned the white house and congress that a default could have catastrophic effects on the markets and on businesses. and here in the d.c. region, those that depend on the federal government are now making emergency plans. d.c. and its suburbs are still government towns and with no deal, some local governments could be knocked to their knees financially. in d.c., the city's chief physical officer warped of possible rag is of services and the return of the control board
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should the treasury default. contractors may not be paid. -- in d.c., the city's chief physical officer warned of possible range of services and the return of the control board. have is the -- the city's chief financial officer warned of possible range of services and the return of control board. >> reporter: hundreds of millions of government checks go out each month and those may not be paid in the event of a default. some of those could be medicare claims as well as social security checks. and as you know, steve and
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sarah, a lot of americans depend on those. >> thank you so much. in virginia, popular conservative governor bob mcdonnell throwing his support behind house speaker boehner's bill. he is urging congress to vote in favor of the some sure before the august 2nd deadline. mcdonnell says it achieves the goal of cutting spending without raising attacks. a look at the morning's other top stories nowsm amurder mystery in bridge county. police found a woman's body inside a temple hills apartment after reports of a natural gas smell coming from inside. turn out it was a chemical used to cover up the smell of the dead body. while investigate "s search for a suspect, they are trying to determine when she was last seen alive. the university of northern virginia can no longer accept foreign students at least for now. the school is under federal investigation for the way it admits those students. there are questions over whether the school conforms to federal regulations for student
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visas. the university is still open and classes are still being held. in sports this morning, the redskins training camp officially under way as practice kicks off at 8:30 this morning at redskins park out the aashburn. yesterday, the team announcing that it is trading albert haynesworth to the patriots. a couple more deals in the work as well. we'll get more on that later this morning from our open dave ross. coming up next, no signs of a trouble. no signs she ran away. >> a young girl disappeared from her home in a small signal town. the latest on this search this morning. an attack foiled. an awol soldier admits he plans to target the same military base where 13 people were killed in a shooting spree nearly two years ago. we'll tell you what tipped off police to the splot. -- to the plot. 
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an actual wol army soldier confessed he was planning an astack on fort hood. the police arrested him
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wednesday at a texas motel. he was approved as a conscientious objector of army this year but his discharge was put on hold because of child porn allegations. on tuesday, he stress i had the same store where major nidal hassan purchased a gun used in the 2009 taxes on fort hood. the store clerk contacted authorities because he purchased a considerable amount of ammunition but questions he asked indicated he did not know much about the items. in somalia, al-qaeda linked militance fired shots in the capital city killing six people. african union peacekeepers out for house to house battles with the militants to clear space for groups bringing in aid supplies. straight and federal investigators are going door to door in one nam natural community in the soften for a missing 11-year-old. selena katz was last seen on monday when she went to bed.
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she was reported missing on tuesday morning. there are now fears she may have been taken outside of the u.s. against her will. they are one of most famous teams in the world. but somehow, they managed to be mostly unrecognized ahead of a big game this weekend in d.c. until they caught the attention of u.s. park police but recognized they were doing something they didn't agree with. >> right. we'll check in with tucker barnes for a look at your weekend forecast and get ready for the triple dim its again today. it will be a hot one. we'll be right back. 
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. huge, huge, huge soccer game in the nation's capital this weekend. fans around the world will be watching saturday when two of the sport's best teams go head to head.
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things got off to a shaky start to barcelona. the team was headed back to the bus after they were told they could not practice there. >> do you have any idea how famous these people are to the rest of the world. >> i have played down on the national mall many times and i've never been kicked off. >> maybe you didn't have bright yellow uniforms with your buddies. >> still, did someone say listen, man, do you know would we are? >> when they got kicked off, they sudden have fallen down on the ground and been injured. >> like soccer players do. and run around with yellow cards. >> yeah, exactly. they won't have to leave the mall. >> too hot out-the-door side to
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play. >> and the big game tomorrow night. imthe conditions will be hot as well. >> you don't want to be playing soccer on the national mall today. >> yeah, you don't. if you want to exercise, get it done now. let's get to the numbers. here we go. we are setting allkinds of records for the month. 73 in gaithersburg. off to the north and west west, martinsburg, 69. that is one of the cool spots. just a hazy, hot and humid morning. lots of extreme temperatures expected again. once gunpoint again, we'll be flirting with records as the expected high later today about 100 degrees. there is your heat advisory. goes into effect at 11:00 this morning. so a little earlier through 9:00 tonight and all the
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counties that you see here in orange. one or two showers developing during the overnight hours sliding to the north and east. frawrntly, we didn't get much of that action. that is something in new jersey. we've got a frontal system here up into the great lakes. that will not get a chance to get in here today as high pressure off to the south and west kind of noses in here and protect us from the rain and any cooling relief. so we'll be off and running here. i think we'll be well into the 90s by 11:00. by noon. and then here we go. we'll see if we don't set some records later this afternoon. lots of water, bring the pets indoors, that kind of thing. here is tropical storm don. maximum winds, 45 miles per hour. hooking a little better organized but the center of circumstance laying -- of circulation is on the northern side of the storm. they need a lot of rain there. they could get a couple of inches by late tonight and
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during the day tomorrow. latestest on tropical storm don, our fourth storm of the soap. here is your forecast. high temperatures later this afternoon. sorry about that. 100-degree. hazy, hot and humid. over 105 later this afternoon. the air quality, not a good one. partly cloudy, warm, muggy tonight. 82 your overnight low with wind out of the west at about five miles per hour. this is your five-day forecast. hazy, hot and humid conditions continue tomorrow. a little cooler tomorrow. a few more clouds around, 96. could be a late storm both today and tomorrow. i got to be honest with you. the chances are slim to none. that is a look at the weather forecast. let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright has your latest. >> were you actually playing soccer or were you playing around with that little hackie sack thing you have. >> i played down there with a team.
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>> we've been cleaning up this accident for quite some time now. crash involved a fuel spill on southbound 95 here on route one in woodbridge. traffic able to squeeze by two lanes to the left. district attorney lies have formed from lorton. -- delays have formed from lorton. anticipate a rubbernecking delay coming across the occoquan. 395 is on the brakes duke street to seminary road. outer loop, not so busile a better ride as you pass by colesville road headed over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. later this morning, president obama is announcing new full standards for cars and trucks. white house wants all new vehicles to get 56 miles per gallon by 2025. environmentalists are praising the goal but car makes are say it will result in a 14% drop in sales and cost 22 220,000 jobs. here is a chance to save a
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little on the back to school supplies. virginia is holding a sales tax holiday august 5th through the 7th. it applies to supplies that cost less than to and throwing and shoes that cost less than $100. hard to believe that we are getting close to school time again. >> almost there. still getting close to i adeadline and we'll talk about that in our business beat next. more on how the bank are getting ready for a possibility that an agreement will not be reached in the debt ceiling debate. pay is out with a new list of best and worst paying degrees. now, these are average salaries here mid-career. engineering can really pay off with petroleum engineers pulling in an average salary of $155,000. when this comes to worst paying degree, family studies, elementary education and social work all make the list. seems like something is wrong there.
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banks and businesses bracing for the real that an agreement in the debt ceiling debate may not come in time. let's check in about lauren ?imenty up in new york. happy friday, lauren. >> happy friday. >> you sound real thrilled about it. there is a lot going on on the market. we started off good i thought and than when we got the employment numbers in the mornling and apparently the fears of this debt ceiling overweigh everything else. >> yeah, we also had good housing data yesterday. we were up about 30, 40 points on the dow for much of date and then we had that final hour selling once again, closed down 62. it is the debt concerns out there and with four days left to broker some sort of deal, you know, there is not a lot of time out there. people are scared. nothing is getting done and it is very like these days that it is not just the district attorney fought -- the default we are worried about, it is the credit rating downgrade from
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aaa to aa. >> i guess we'll start to get the second quarter numbers to come in. will that be overshadowed by the fears up until tules. >> the gross domestic product, that comes in in about two hours. that is a backward looking report but it will tell us that the economy did slow down in the second quarter of the year. obviously, the economy is not strong enough right now to deal with chaos in wash and what that would mean for everybody. >> the banks getting together today to try to talk about this. what is their take on it? >> lunchtime meeting in new york at the new york sphed where treasury is going to prep the bankers for what would happen if this downgrade does happen. how would the banks get through this? what happens to interest rates and borrowing costs. it will be a big q & a session. they can hash everything out just to figure out how to go forward. >> perk up a little bit. it is friday. >> i know. i have to drink more coffee.
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>> we all do this time of day. business leaders here in the district as well as maryland and virginia also preparing their contingency plans. we'll take a closer look at the impact we'll see day to day for the deal is not reached soon. that big deal yesterday for the spread skins. we brought you the breaking news about the albert haynesworth trade yesterday morning. we that and all the news from training camp coming up with dave ross.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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tucker barnes, this one is just for you. time to get your dancing shoes back on again. second national dance day is tomorrow in d.c. big event down on the national mall. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton create national dance day last year as i way to encourage dance and exercise. why are we showing you this video? because tomorrow's event which starts at 3:00 at the sylvan theater, so you being you can
6:31 am
dance and executive producer and judge nigel lithgow and mary murphy will be there as well. that is all happening tomorrow. >> calling your name, tucker barnes. >> it is. i can feel it pulling me. >> you and julie can go do a little something together. >> julie, let's talk about that. >> there you go. >> i would pay for that actually. >> i would do anything for that not to be seen by anybody. let's get right to the maps and show you the satellite-radar. if you are going down to the mall tomorrow, be prepared for lots and lots of heat. the heat will stick around all weekend starting with today when our temperatures will be approaching 100 degrees. a few showers popping up north and northeast of the city. if you are in montgomery county, howard county, you might see a sprinkle. i think most of us will be dry here this morning. just kind of hazy, hot appear humid.
6:32 am
the showers and thunderstorms you see up into the greek not going to get in here in the big way. we will be just very steamy this afternoon. let's do the temperature. 80 at reagan national. 75, fredericksburg. a little better off to the north and west. hagerstown, currently 71 degrees. a little fog developing off to the north and west. that is not a good one. heat advisory begins at 11:00 a.m. 100degrees the daytime high. it will feel like 105 to 110. >> have we hit the heat indices that high? yes, we were up to 115, 120. >> dance-off is that what i heard. >> not exactly competition. we are hoping you two can put your differencess behind you and work together as a team. >> i like that. >> you do it. >> i like that. >> we got that. >> since tucker has the whole
6:33 am
gaga collection, he is already a step ahead of you. >> he is not a step ahead of me. he is i -- he is a step on me. the crew in sky fox battling the heat about 1,000 feet above the ground. right side of the road was blocked off here at the scene of this crash. i go two lanes on the left getting by at this point. heads up for you are traveling south of the dulles toll road head down towards 66, accident activity will slow down your roll in virginia. a lot of things going on in virginia. we'll update the ride southbound 95 at route one in woodbridge. this one involving a fuel spill. hazmat team on the scene. two left lanes getting by. delays on the southbound side building out of lorton. beltway looks good leaving colesville road headed around towards 270.
6:34 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in the debate on capitol hill over raising the debt ceiling, republicans first announced a vote on speaker boehner's plan around 6:00 last night. well, then shortly thereafter, they postponed that vote as republican leaders scrambled to try to line up enough members. they still need two more votes. democrats in the senate promise to defeat it anyway and if the president says, even if it does pass, he will veto it. if that happens next tuesday, it will not only affect the federal government but also local businesses and government. we turn to sherry ly with more. >> reporter: good morning. if that debt ceiling is not raised and the government defaults on its debt, local government and businesses and everyday american people will not get the money they depend on. one local business leader called the possible debt debacle the big one for the
6:35 am
d.c. region, the city and its suburbs. they remain government towns. local businesses are being warned to start making plans figuring out if they will need short-term credit. in the worst case scenario, d.c.'s cfo says the city may have to ration services. the uncertainty also has businesses like restaurants, retailers and even car dealers worried about financial calamity. >> what effect will that have on our consumer interest rates, credit card rates? we don't know. >> if we are deprived of the cash borrowing because we would not be able to pay the cash payments to, say, metro or payroll, et cetera, i hope that is very remote but that is one thing that we have to keep in mind here. >> reporter: now, d.c. had hooked at borrowing from its rainy day fund to cover day to day operations but has since learned they cannot do that by law.
6:36 am
either deal, ademocrat or republican would slash spending significantly over the next few years and that would shortchange local governments in the future. now, up until this week, a lot of people figured look, they will just come down with the deal. now, it hook like congress is going to be working through the weekend and even that may not be enough time. that is the latest here on capitol hill. back to you. >> thank you so much. now, we switch gears and talk about the redskin. told you yesterday that big al got the boot. the redskin made a few other moves too on the first day on training camp. man, dave, it is tough could keep up with all the moves the first couple days. >> it has been crazy. can you believe cba was just agreed on four days ago. it feels hike four years ago with all the moves being made. we are not looking for albert haynesworth. he is not here anymore. that distract is gone.
6:37 am
that is good for this team. he certainly was a distraction if not worse in that locker room a year ago. hopefully, they won't have to deal with the like of albert haynesworth anymore. good news on the front last night. they signed their big two rookies that they drafted in april. the first one being jarvis jenkins. he is the defensive taxing out of clemson. he should play the position that albert haynesworth used it play if he can get up to speed quickly. the other guy they brought in hate last night, ryan kerrigan is signed, sealed and delivered. he will play outsideline back are. showed up for some of the little. prom use sessions they had in the off-season during the lockouts. he will do the same thing that orakpo once did. that is move from defensive end to outsideline backer. two big parts of the puzzle for jim has let in that three-four defense to look for kerrigan and orakpo to be coming in.
6:38 am
they also brought in a pass rushing defensive end as his name is steven bowen. he comes to us from the dallas cowboys where he spent the first five years of his career. this is another big deal. five years, $27.5 million. so a completely different looking defense so far for jim hazlett. steven bow p coming in late last night and chris chester, an offensive guard from the baltimore ravens, spent the last five years in baltimore. he can also play center which could be very interesting because casey reibach was released yesterday. some changes to the offensive line. in about two hours, we will have training camp really beginning. yes, it did technically begin yesterday but all they did was
6:39 am
report and weigh in. today, they will get out here probably not in full pads and the full team won't be here because all of those moves we talked about won't be official until 6:00 tonight. that is when mike shanahan will address the media for the first time. who is the first car i saw when i got here at 5:00 a.m. mike shanahan. i wonder if he ever left last night. >> it has been very busy. >> dave ross out at redskins park. >> papa, brainy, smurfette and the gang. >> how does it hold up in a 21st century take. we'll check in with kevin mccarthy and find out if the movie is any good or not. aag
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this week's crop of new movies includes films about men and women searching for love, cowboys confronting alien and smurves on the republican from an evil wizard. >> that is correct. >> let's get right to. i was pretty excite when i heard the smurfs was coming out as a movie because that was such my childhood, the smurfs. but you are saying maybe not so much. >> here is the deal with this film. it stars neil patrick harris and katy perry is actually playing smurfette in the film. sick of the smurfs end up traveling through a portal which brings them to new york city. they get there, they end up meeting up and living with know neil patrick harris' character and him and hid wife are about to have a baby.
6:44 am
they ask like a metaphor for him to get prefared to become a father. here is the deal. it is very uncomfortably cheesy, very predictable and i have a problem with movies like this that are geared towards kids when they don't take the time to actually write a good script. there are really good kids' movies out there. if you watch the pixar films, those are legitimately great films that are made for kids that have good subtle messages and i feel like when they make movies like this, it is almost like they are making them just for money. i felt like the stars were in pain when they were delivering this dialogue. there is a scene in this film that i think is one of the worst scenes in the film in the history of america. it was cringe worthy. i have never walked out of a
6:45 am
movie. i was thinking this is really, really bad. luckily hank azaria, that was the only good element in the movie. the movie, very disappointing. when you make animation, can you make the need. some of it works. if you are going to take your kids, see it in 2-d. i would wait for the rental. there are so many better films you can watch, this is not worth it. >> what about cowboys and i'll items. >> i was so geeked up and ready for this movie. i was nerding out. i couldn't wait to see this. i loved iron man and iron man 2. i thought elf was very good.
6:46 am
very disappointing. the idea is based on a graphic novel and cowboys go on a mission to rescue their loved one whose have been taken by aliens. that is all i can say because the movie starts off with daniel craig's cache and he has no idea who he is or why he is where he is. he goes into a town and gets into a shuffle with harrison ford's character and they go on this mission to save ford's son. there is for substance. it is boring and you lose intrigue and the reason for that is there is five screenwriters. you have five people writing one film. you are going to lose something because all the brains report clicking there. you will lose a type of substance. you will lose some type of intrigue. you have this great action scene with daniel craig. he has this dialogue. it is this two plus two equals
6:47 am
four elementary dialogue. you can see things being set up for predictable scenes later on. the only thing worth seeing is the action. >> can we do better with crazy stupid love. >> this is one of the best films of the year, hands down. great cast, very well written. love is a very unpredictable thing and most row manhattan incomedies should be up predictable. this is a movie that steers you in that direction. we can normally figure out what is going to happen in every romantic comedy. you know what is going to happen. >> remember that movie, love actually, that was a very good if i. this is going that direction. steve carell, the emotional depth of his performance, the way he used his eyes, he
6:48 am
carries so much emotion in his eyes, and ryan gosling, i love this fill. it is a well done film. i gave it a four and a half out of five. i think this is a movie everybody should go see. it is a perfect date movie, go with your guys, your girls. i give day four and a half out of five. >> and did steve carell break out of his usual like office -- >> it is a very -- i think it is his best perform's to date. it is a perfect blend of comedy and drama. i really recommend it. people early early who missed it, i interviewed steve carell who did slap me in the face. it is very funny. can you lock at it on i'll tweak the link on my twitter which is bdk reviews. >> who would have thought that a movie called cowboys and i'll yeps would not be any good.
6:49 am
>> big surprise. -- call cowboys and i'll yeps would not be any good. >> big price. >> we have dangerous heat on the way. 18 in annapolis. another morning with the temperature bottoming out in the 80s. that is not right. 77 right now in quantico. this is your heat advisory in effect from 11:00 this morning to 9:00 tonight. it will feel like 105 to 110 later today. the problem, the heat tomorrow, the area of low pressure keeps things high and dry and allows the me to infiltrate through the mid-atlantic later today. this should be 105 to 110 hater today. lots of heat. bring in the animals. the heat will be really serious for the next couple of days. we mentioned air quality, not a good one. code orange, wind out the west here at about five miles per
6:50 am
hour. partly cloudy, warm, muggy overnight. 82-degree your overnight low. that is not right. 82-degree your overnight low. by sunday, monday, tuesday, we stay in the 90s. so up orphanly, the extreme heat the back -- so unfortunately, the extreatment heat is back. it is time for ask the weather guys. tony per canadiens and i put our fabulously large heads together for answer your most preeing questions weather- related or otherwise. tony is not here but he has texted me to let mow know he is very happy where he is -- to let me know he is very happy where he is. today's question comes from lisa and paul. they ban to know what are the dog days of summer? where did the freadz originate and why don't we use it
6:51 am
anymore. >> what does it have to do with this picture? >> that explain what is going on. dog day of summer, we've touched on this question before and we'll just touch on it again. i have a couple of great stats for july. dog days of summer are considered the period of time when thins are hottest, when things become stagnant maced by -- marked by a lack of progress. this goes back to ancient times. this is part of larger constellation, the star sirius called kiro 7 anis major for large dog. this would appear every year about the time the hottest, most stagnant weather would appear. they associated when the star would rise in the east, would first be seen, that the hottest weather was on the way. they didn't have tv and that kind of thing. so this what is they would look to for tynes.
6:52 am
that is where dog days of summer original knit and it sort of hung around since then. it just depends on where you are in the world for determining when the dog days of summer are but generally here in washington, middle of july to the middle of august. >> so we're in them. >> we're in them. they are the stats. today is the 12th day in a row where we've been # 0 or above. 22 day this month, we've been 09 or above. the average high temperature in washington this month, 92.9 degrees. that is the hottest july ever in washington. >> wow! let's call it 93. >> four day this month, the temperature has not gone below 08. >> how does august look? >> interesting you should mention that. the last four time we've had a very, very hot july, things
6:53 am
have cooled off in august. the lone exception, last summer. >> we'll hope if a change this year. >> you got a question you want answered or you want more weather stats, go to and click on the weather tab. i love all kind of weather stats. upload your video question and we may play it live on the air. >> let's get to julie wright. >> the crew in sky fox with with us right now checking out that drive along southbound i- 95. we'll take their shot and give you an update on what is going o before 4:00 a.m., this is a crash involve a couple of vehicle and a truck p a fuel spill involved in this accident as well. they are busy mopping that up. -- involving a couple of vehicles and a truck. a fuel spill involved in this accident as well. clean-hundred continues there. that's a check of your -- clean-up continues there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. ice cream, popsicles, lots of iced tea. all good ways to beat the heat. >> if you are looking to try
6:54 am
something new, holiday you has great ideas for you this morning. some popular local eatery. we'll check with her on how to beat the heat with some treats. 
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good morning. i'm holly morris. happy friday to you. 100 degrees yet again. you're probably looking for unique ways to stay cool. we have several places that are creating treats. we are starting at the coffee house and eatery in claireon. it's the coffee house created by david gas. they are going to teach us how to make new orleans snowballs. then we'll be live at cyturia
6:58 am
fell. and we're going to learn how to make a rubber ducky. i think it's a pineapple sorbet filled meringue in the shape of a quacker. it might be tough, but we'll be able to try it. then we'll wrap up the morning at the cheesecake factory. in case you didn't know, today happens to be national cheesecake day. put it on your calendar. they have a special offer for dining guests only. i'm going to allow myself to gain 5 pounds between 7 and 10 a.m. if i'm might develop a belly. >> perfect day for cheesecake though. thank you. we'll check with you later on. we want to say hello to our
6:59 am
facebook fan. she says the highlight of her morning is seeing where holly will pop up. now you need to get some sweet treats. find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. that does it for the 6:00 hour. let's send it over to allison. good morning. coming up on fox 5 morning news, another day of debt talks. still no deal after failing to pass and fix the nation's debt crisis. republicans will take another crack at it today. with just a few days left before a possible default, businesses are getting nervous. a soldier under arrest for planning an attack. we have the latest details. and back on the field. red skins practice kicks off this morning. big al and mcnabb are gone, man

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